A Friends-themed café has opened in Manchester!

A Friends-themed café has opened in Manchester!

I am sure some of you have heard about the new café opened by Primark which is designed to look exactly like the Central Perk café from Friends, the famous comedy series. Funny enough, I am living in Manchester, but had no idea about this. I had to find out from other people who are not even living in UK! 😂 The café has opened on Wednesday 12th of June and in the same day, I started to receive messages from my friends from France and Romania letting me know about this event. Of course I was mega excited to find out these news and I had to go down there and visit this café. Now I m not saying I am the biggest fan of Friends, but I watched it 3 times in the past 10 months…

The café was so much prettier and more realistic than I expected. It is situated on the ground floor of Primark (on Market Street). Just outside the café, there is a photo opportunity with the iconic orange velvet sofa.

The café’s walls are decorated with friends-themed artworks. Let’s play a little game: I will share all the prints here and you will say in which way each of these artworks is connected to Friends.

Inside the Central Perk from Manchester there are large rugs on the floor, black and gold patterned seats and orange velvet banquettes – plus faux-exposed brick walls and a marble counter top.

I spent maybe one hour at the café and I heard the Friends theme song-I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts-more than 4 times. Each time, after the song ended, I was expecting to see Rachel or Joey coming into the café, but unfortunately that did not happen 😄

The menu is, of course, Central Perk-themed and it has a larger selection of drinks, food and desserts than you may think! There’s a range of coffees, teas, soft drinks, sandwiches, waffles, with toppings including double chocolate and banana and salted caramel, giant pretzels, a rainbow cake, muffins, pastries, cookies etc.

Just outside the café, there is a range of Friends-themed merchandise at very affordable prices and some items are really cute and funny.

If you are a Friends fan and have the opportunity to visit this café, don’t miss it!

Ordsall Hall: an unique experience in a manor house

Ordsall Hall: an unique experience in a manor house

When you’re talking about the “best places to visit in Greater Manchester”, Ordsall Hall should be the first on your list.
To introduce it properly, Ordsall Hall is a 800 year old (it was first mentioned in records in 1177) manor house in the City of Salford. For me, the most interesting thing about it, is the fact that one of the ladies who lived there (Margaret Radclyffe) was the favourite lady-in-waiting of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England (daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII of England). I don’t know about you, but every story related to Anne Boleyn is just fascinating to me. I love her story, I watched “The other Boleyn girl” movie at least 5 times and I ve read “The sisters Boleyn” by Philippa Gregory twice! You can read more about the history of Ordsall Hall on their website: https://ordsallhall.com/about/history-2/

I had the opportunity to wear some of the antique clothes (replicas) from Ordsall Hall and have a photoshoot in this beautiful Tudor mansion.

I would like to start by showing you the beautiful garden from Ordsall Hall. It is a combination of a late Tudor style knot garden, a traditional 20th century allotment, Herb Garden with medieval and Tudor herbs, ornamental borders containing flowers cherished by the Tudors; and an orchard of historic fruit varieties.
Read more about The Gardens here: https://ordsallhall.com/explore/the-gardens/

As you go inside the building, you will probably first visit the kitchen which dates back to the 1630s. Elements from the kitchen that will surely catch your eye are:
* Victorian bread ovens
* A four metre-deep well
* An interactive Tudor menu
* Authentic herbs, reproduction food and kitchen implements to touch and smell
* A working rotating spit

The Great Hall will probably give you Game of Thrones vibes 😀 It is considered the “wow factor” of Ordsall Hall and I can see why. I am sure you will first be attracted by the original 16th century oak dining table, but as you will start exploring the room, you will also notice the beautiful gothic style chandelier, the oriel window and it’s carvings and the two restored panels of stained glass dating back to the 1600s.

The Star Chamber was built by Sir John Radclyffe in the 1360s. The most fascinating element from this room surely is The Radclyffe Bed which is the only original piece of furniture from Ordsall Hall. This bed looks so royal, but would you sleep in here knowing there is a ghost living in the same house? Yes, yes, Ordsall Hall has ghosts inhabitants like any other Tudor manor. The most popular is the White Lady who is believed to be the spirit of Lady Margaret Radclyffe. All the ghosts who live there are very active, people have said they heard bangs and children noises, some have been pushed and they have also seen doors opening without any explanation.
If you ever visit Greater Manchester, make sure you go to a ghost night at Ordsall Hall to see for yourself if all the stories are true or not (if you are brave enough, of course…)
Find out more about the Ghost Nights from their website: https://ordsallhall.com/explore/ghosts/ghost-nights/
Also, if you want to know more about the ghosts from Ordsall Hall you can go to their website: https://ordsallhall.com/explore/ghosts/

The Great Chamber is also known as “The Solar Room”. This was the ladies’ withdrawing room. It is probably the friendliest room from Ordsall Hall, or maybe it only made me feel like this because it represents the “Woman’s World” of the house.

You can read more about every room from Ordsall Hall here: https://ordsallhall.com/explore/the-buildings/

Ordsall Hall is definitely a must-visit place in Greater Manchester. Apart from the great history and the medieval/antique vibes it gives, the stuff is always organising fun and educational activities which you shouldn’t miss.

Most instagrammable places in Edinburgh

Most instagrammable places in Edinburgh

“The Scots think of it as their capital; they’re too possessive, Edinburgh belongs to the world.”-Richard Demarco
Last month I had the delightful opportunity to visit the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. In my opinion, it is a must-visit city for anyone for many reasons: it has a rich culture, an amazing architecture, entertaining festivals and of course a fascinating history!
I had the chance to discover some of the must-visit places in Edinburgh and I will share them with you shortly. If you are a blogger or a photographer you will find in this post the most instagrammable places of the beautiful capital of Scotland.

1.Edinburgh Castle
Of course this is the first one on the list and of course you must visit the Castle. It is the icon of Edinburgh which dominates the skyline of the city.

*Interesting fact: Archaeologists have established human occupation of the rock since at least the Iron Age (2nd century AD)


2.The Ross Fountain
If you visit the castle, don’t miss the Ross Fountain. It is situated just near the castle and its colours and design will surely steal your heart. Plus, it has a great view of the Castle.

*Interesting fact: Water was turned off in 2008 and it was closed again from July 2017 for further restoration work undertaken by Lost Art Limited of Wigan on behalf of The Ross Development Trust, costing 1.9 million pounds.


3.The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile is “the historic art of Edinburgh”. It is, in my opinion, the most entertaining place in Edinburgh with plethora of shops (if you want to buy some souvenirs or traditional scottish clothes this is the best place to go), restaurants, museums, hidden games and amazing views. As a fan of traditional scottish music, I was delighted to see people on the street in traditional scottish costumes and playing bagpipes.

*Interesting fact: The Royal Mile certainly has history: when you walk down the street you start at an extinct volcano and continue down a slope that was formed by the retreat of an ice age over 325 million years ago. By the 12th century, this had become the main street of the adjoining burghs of Edinburgh and Canongate. (source: www.edinburgh.org)


4.Victoria Street
Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If yes, then don’t miss Victoria Street which is the most photographed street in Edinburgh and for a good reason! Or..two reasons 😀 : 1.the beautiful colors and shape of the street and 2. (and more important in my opinion) it is believed to be J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Valley-which is why this street is full of Harry Potter shops and magic shops.

*Interesting fact: Today the street is a charming corner of the Old Town, but recent speculation suggests that a relic of its darker past may still exist. This was the location of Major Weir’s house, a man notorious as ‘the Wizard of the West Bow’, who was executed for witchcraft in 1670. (source: www.ewh.org.uk)


5.Royal Botanic Garden
To be honest, I didn’t even want to visit this garden in the first place because I thought it’s pointless, but I am SO glad I did as it became my favourite place in Edinburgh. It is one of the finest botanic gardens in the world and offers amazing views to the public.

*Interesting fact: The Glasshouse visit is a particular highlight, starting at the Victorian Temperate Palm House dating back to 1858 and one of the tallest traditional palm houses ever built. The Garden’s 10 magnificent Glasshouses each has a different climatic zone, from steamy tropics to arid desert, and are home to 3,000 exotic plants from around the world including a 200-year-old palm tree. (source: www.visitscotland.com)


6.Calton Hill
Easy to access, the Calton Hill is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and a beautiful view of the city. It is usually quiet and after a long day of visiting and running around the city, I promise this is the place where you will want to relax.

*Interesting fact: Calton Hill is one of Edinburgh’s main hills, set right in the city centre. It is unmistakable with its Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline.
The acropolis is in fact an unfinished monument – originally called the “National Monument”. Initiated in 1816, a year after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, it was meant to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, as a memorial to those who had died in the Napoleonic Wars.
Building began in 1822, but funds ran dry and celebrated Edinburgh architect William Playfair only saw a facade of his building completed. It was dubbed “Edinburgh’s shame”, but it’s now a popular landmark and it’s a lot of fun crawling up and down its giant steps. (source: www.edinburghguide.com)

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Most relaxing place in Manchester: Cat Café

Most relaxing place in Manchester: Cat Café

Hello, darlings and welcome back to my blog! Today I would like to tell you about one of my favorite places in Manchester: The Cat Café.

If you are a cat lover, you will find this café the perfect place on earth. As an animal lover myself, I could spend hours every day in this place just to hear the calming sound made by cats when they purr.

I think you can figure it out by the name that this is a café full of cats (of which mission is to make people feel better). As you go inside, you will be greeted by different breeds of cats. From Savannah cat to Ragdoll cat.

The café has an unique interior, making you feel like you just entered inside a cat’s home. Well, actually that really kinda is the reality 🙂 This is where they live, so you are literally visiting their home.

Each cat has its own “bed” and you can read everybody’s story and learn their names while you enjoy your coffee.

How can you better enjoy your afternoon than drinking your coffee/tea surrounded by cats?

Oh and yes! Expect them to come to your table and ask for a cuddle 😀

And if you think you will eventually get bored of admiring these gorgeous creatures, don’t worry because the café provides you some great books to enjoy while listening to the relaxing sound made by the cats.

Do you think you will feel better and less stressed after visiting this café? I can promise that you will! Here’s why:

It has been proven that hearing a cat purr can lower your blood pressure and stroking a cat can slow your heart rate. Hence, after visiting this place, you will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Even Sigmund Freud said it:

The Cat Café address is : 103 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ and there are a few parking places nearby. It is better to book online before going there just to be sure.

Now enjoy these photos with the cutest cats ever!