So here I am 39 weeks pregnant and prepared to meet my baby. It can happen any time now AND ANYWHERE so we are ready with the hospital bag!!

When I first heard the words “hospital bag”, my reaction was “What? Why would I need to bring anything except my phone to the hospital when I give birth?” 😂 Of course, that was before I got pregnant. My mother never talked to me about pregnancy, labour and giving birth; we are not taught about those in school either (but it’s ok because we know all about photosynthesis and sexual reproduction in plants 👍🏼) so I was not educated at all about this subject. After getting pregnant and doing a lot of research, I understood that having only your phone with you at the hospital is not the best idea 😂. There is a lot of help out there on the internet and in books regarding the hospital bag so I started to inform myself. My midwife told me I should be ready with it by 37 weeks so that’s what I did.

I firstly checked the hospital bag list from the NHS website ( and then the one from Emma’s Diary ( and I combined the two lists and made one of my own 🙂

This is the bag I used to pack everything. It’s the one I received with the baby stroller and I thought it is just perfect for the hospital too. Here is a direct link to some similar hospital bags:

So here is everything I packed for the moment my baby will decide is ready to meet us:

1. 5 maternity knickers-I bought them from Mothercare for only 10£ and they are so comfortable. Shop them from here:

2. 5 disposable maternity briefs-again I got them from Mothercare

3. A packet of 24 maternity towels

4. A packet of nursing pads/breast pads-because I plan on breastfeeding and these are really necessary

5. A nipple cream-I chose the one from Lansinoh (Lanolin) because it was recommended to us by the midwife from the parenting classes

6. Facial cleansing wipes

7. A water spray-to cool me down during labour

8. A pain relief gel-because I have huge back pain and I imagine it will only be worse during labour

9. A cooling leg gel-I plan on moving a lot during labour instead of lying in bed because I read it makes the labour easier so I will definitely need something for my legs. You can use the discount code MIRIAM-R1E on any order from MamaMio to get 10£ for your first order.

10. A body oil-to be used by Fabian to massage my back and legs

11. Pregnacare for new moms-I don’t even have to say why I plan on taking them because it’s obvious😂

12. 2 hair ties-because I’m sure I won’t stand the hair on my face during labour

13. A lip balm-I have a very bad habit of biting my lips so I will definitely need this

14. A hair brush

15. A deodorant

16. A toothbrush-I chose one for sensitive gums because like most pregnant women I had gingivitis during pregnancy

17. A toothpaste-again for sensitive teeth

I put all my toiletries in a small bag so I would find them easier rather than just throwing them in a big bag with everything else

18. 2 nursing bras-Again, I bought them from Mothercare. Shop them from here:

19. 2 dressing gowns-I bought 2 front-opening gowns which are especially made for labour from Amazon. Shop them from here:

20. A comfortable dress to wear when going home-I chose my Tiffany Rose dress because it’s the most comfortable one I have. Shop it from here:

21. A pair of slippers-because I am sure shoes won’t be the best idea during labour and after giving birth 😂

22. 2 towels-a medium one and a large one

23. A TENS machine-For those who don’t know already, a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical curent. I don’t know how effective it is, many women say it didn’t help them at all, but since I plan on giving birth naturally without epidural or any other anesthesia, I thought why not try this pain relief for labour. I hired the TENS machine from Mothercare

24. A hand gel protect-I know there are a lot in the hospital, but I am obsessed with keeping the bacteria away from me and from the baby so I just want one to be in my hands all the time

25. A packet of 22 nappies for the baby

26. A packet of baby wipes

27. Baby powder

28. Bepanthen for the baby

29. 2 muslin squares for the baby

30. A baby blanket

Direct link to some similar baby blankets:

31. A pair of scratch mittens-babies tend to scratch their face with the nails

32. 4 pairs of socks

Direct link for some cute baby socks:

33. 3 hats

Direct link to shop them:

34. 4 pairs of pants

Shop them from here:

35. 4 bodysuits-2 with short sleeve and 2 with long sleeve

Shop them from here:

36. A cardigan– it may be the end of june, but summer did not arrive in Manchester yet

Direct link for this cute cardigan:

37. A pair of shoes for the baby

Shop these Peter Rabbit shoes from here:

38. A camera– I want to have plenty of memories so the camera is a MUST for me. I am using Canon EOS M50 (lenses Canon 50mm f1.8 + Canon 15-45mm)

Direct link for the camera with lens Canon 15-45mm:

Direct link for the Canon lens 50mm f1.8:

39. My birth plan and hospital notes

Even though my plan is to give birth naturally and not to spend the night there (if everything is fine, I am allowed to leave the hospital after 6 hours), you never know what may happen and how long you will have to stay there so that’s why I packed so many things. I just think it’s better to have more than less when it comes to the hospital bag.

Shop some of the items listed in this post from here:

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