Vintage look at Ramsbottom Station

Vintage look at Ramsbottom Station

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”-Coco Chanel
I don’t know if everyone has read the “About me” section, but I said it and I will say it again: I am a huge lover of vintage fashion. I love the femininity women used to have at that time and the elegant accessories they used to wear. I’m using the expression “used to” because elegance is very rare these days, but fortunately, it is still not dead :D.

I was scrolling through and found something that really got my attention. I m talking about the Ramsbottom Railway Station which was first opened in 1846. Seeing that heritage station, I immediately got the idea to have a vintage photoshoot there. I wasn’t sure how exactly it would look like, I just searched for some photos with the station on instagram and pinterest and made the plan for the photoshoot.
As soon as I arrived there, I realised it is even more fascinating than what you find on the internet. Everything at the Ramsbottom train station is so pittoresque: it felt like I was in a scene movie and the outfit just matched perfectly.

Creating this vintage look wasn’t difficult at all. I just picked a bodycon dress from my wardrobe (which would have fitted better if I wasn’t pregnant, but hey…women were pregnant at that time too so not a big issue 🙂 ) and then shopped the accessories.

I think the most important item you have to take in consideration when dressing vintage is the hat. If you can find a small hat with veil then that’s perfect, it will really give you that sophisticated and feminine look. Also, consider wearing a pearl necklace and please don’t forget about the gloves-they really denote elegance.

I didn’t even consider wearing a fur in the first place, I just remembered I have an Accessorize scarf with a faux fur which would fit so well.

The last accessory you will need is a small purse. I chose my Chanel purse because Coco Chanel is the real icon of elegance.

It is not necessary to wear heels when having a vintage outfit, I just wore these shoes because heels are a must for me most of the times-but again this is just my personal choice and preference.

Apart from the look, if you ever go to Greater Manchester, please don’t miss Ramsbottom Train Station. I promise you won’t regret visiting it, it really is an unique experience.

P.S.: I was lucky enough to find this vintage suitcase at the train station. They have loads of these there, I just chose one randomly.

Shop the look from here:

Best affordable luxury watch: Welly Merck

Hello my darlings and welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post ever and after contemplating a lot what I should start with, I decided to present you a brand that I recently discovered and I’m so thankful I did because it has already become one of my favourites.


One week ago I have been contacted by the Welly Merck brand and asked if I would like to collaborate with them. As soon as I saw it’s a watch brand, I said to myself “Oh great, another watch brand…There are too many these days, I don’t think there can be anything special about them”. Me, I have been wearing the same watch for more than 5 years because I really couldn’t find anything to impress me. I accessed their page though, without expecting to see something unique, but as soon as I saw the watches, I jumped out of bed and realised this is the kind of brand I have been searching for so long. I immediately spotted the unique design and fell in love with all their models. See all of them here:

Welly Merck watches denote elegance and sophistication, excellence and diligence.

Whether you are going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant or just going to work, a Welly Merck watch is exactly what your outfit needs to stand out.

What I love the most about Welly Merck is their subtle and elegant signature.

I want to draw attention to the high quality of the materials. First of all, the watch strap is made from genuine leather and the glass is made from sapphire crystal. It has Swiss Quartz Movement and guess what? It is also water resistant.

Another great feature of the Welly Merck watch is the personal customization. It can be customized and offered as a gift by carving one word you want to say to him/her on the back of the watch case:

Every watch comes with an instruction manual and on the first page you can find the Welly Merck story which I think is so romantic and I promise it will make you smile and feel more connected to the brand.

I want to finish by giving you the best news! Welly Merck has created a $50 discount code just for you because you are my follower. So, go visit their website, choose your favourite watch and use the code “WMir50” to get $50 off your order.

Thank you for reading this, I feel like I talked a lot, but this is me when I am truly excited about something.