Breastmilk soap: how and why to do it

There’s no question that breastmilk is incredibly healthy for our little ones and it provides the ideal nutrition for them, but do you know in how many more ways you can benefit from breastmilk? I am going to give just few examples: milk bath, coffee creamer, canker sores healer, puffy eyes healer, wrinkles and stretches marks smoother, but my favourite one is breastmilk for homemade SOAP.

Yes, you can actually use breastmilk to make soap. Maybe you are wondering why would you do such thing. Because it’s amazingly beneficial for babies. It helps with eczema, rush, dry skin etc. Besides, it is the perfect natural cleanser for your baby. I have been looking for some good products to use for baby bath ever since Karl was born, but I couldn’t find anything I trust to apply on his skin. I myself had no idea you can make breastmilk soap. I was scrolling through a breastfeeding page on Instagram and found a picture with loads of breastmilk soaps and the recipe in the caption. I had some bottles of breastmilk stored in the freeze so I immediately ordered from amazon everything needed and the next day I made my own breastmilk soaps.

How to make breastmilk soap at home

You will need:

• a soap base (This is the one I ordered from Amazon: )

• soap mould ( I bought this silicone mould again from Amazon: )

• breastmilk (I used 6 ounces of breastmilk)

1. Melt 1/3 lb soap base (they say to melt it in a microwave at high the first 30 seconds and then 5-10 seconds incremental until it’s melted, but I personally don’t use microwave so I melted it on the stove)

2. Mix in the breastmilk (room temperature)

3. Stir for few minutes until it’s well mixed and pour the liquid into the soap mould

4. Put the mould into your fridge and leave it for 24 hours

5. After 24 hours you can remove the soaps from the mould and start using them

*I also added crushed almond, oatmeal and honey, but it’s not necessary.

Hope you and your little one will enjoy your breastmilk soaps 🤗

2 thoughts on “Breastmilk soap: how and why to do it

  1. Wow this is so interesting. I didn’t know this use for breastmilk, amazing. So sad I don’t have any breastmilk now, but this will be definitely good info for other mommies, thanks for sharing this.

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