Yes, you read that right! There actually is a village in UK with an italian appearance. Situated on the coast of North Wales, Portmeirion is maybe the most enchanting village you will ever visit!

Nestled on a private peninsula overlooking coastal scenery, having a plethora of colourful buildings and stunning gardens, Portmeirion Village looks like it came out straight from a fairy tale with italian style arhitecture, fresh air and flowers, cute boutiques and views that can surely astonish anyone.
I’ve been wanting to visit Portmeirion since I was still pregnant cu Karl, but pregnancy got a bit harder than I thought and we just got the chance to visit it now. I am actually happy that Karl was with us physically when we traveled there. Not that he was aware of anything that’s happening or that he could see all those amazing buildings…but it was lovely to see my fiancé pushing the stroller around and being a loving father

Let’s talk a bit about the story of Portmeirion, shall we?
The village was created by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis who wanted to prove that a naturally beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it. And he did. He did prove it!

I will share with you the 3 most interesting facts about Portmeirion Village:
1. The construction of Castell Deudraeth was recorded in 1188 by Gerald of Wales. The Cambro-Norman archdeacon of Brecon wrote: “We crossed the Traeth mawr and the Traeth Bychan. These are two arms of the sea, one large and one small. Two stone castles have been built there recently. The one called Castell Deudraeth belongs to the sons of Cynan and is situated in the Eifionydd area, facing the northern Mountains.”
2. Portmeirion Village provided the backdrop for the 1960’s cult classic series, The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan.
3. The elder daughter of Clough Williams-Ellis, Susan Williams-Ellis began Portmeirion Pottery in 1960. Her 1972 design “Botanic Garden” became a worldwide best selling range of tableware. This range is still available for purchase from Portmeirion Online.

I would recommend to spend a night or two there to have the full experience of Portmeirion Village. This way, you will have enough time to explore the village, the gardens and the estuary.

I could write thousands of words to describe this mesmerising village, but I believe you should see with your own eyes, so I’ll let you decide if it’s worth visiting it by placing some photos here.

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