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Discover the Elysium is a page for those who love. It doesn’t matter what you love. It can be anything because as long as it makes you happy, you take care of it with passion and it’s part of your everyday life, then you discovered the Elysium, meaning ‘the Paradise’. My Elysium is my wonderful family and travelling. We are a family of 3: Miriam (21), Fabian (34) and Karl (7 months). We travelled together to 5 countries & 2 islands + I’ve lost the count to how many cities and we are still exploring new places every day. The page is run by me, Miriam, but it says the story of my family. My role here is to inspire everyone to live their life to the fullest, learn to love everything they do, have passion and be happy! If you believe I can help you achieve all of that, then follow along to ‘discover the Elysium’!
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